Building Use Policy

We are a Christian Church.  All members of the public may enter and worship, seek religious counsel, and avail themselves of our services.  Any person entering our doors will respect our rights to manage our facility in accordance with our beliefs and our desire to use that which has been entrusted to us to honor God.

We are not a place of general public accommodation.  Session reserves discretion to determine if any use may or may not be deemed to fall outside of our mission, and whether to permit such use.  Session has the sole discretion as to whether to permit a person or organization to use our church facilities.  Session has the sole discretion in determining if an activity is within the scope of our mission. Permitting an instance of use outside of our mission does not amount to an endorsement of that use or activity, nor is it a waiver of our right to determine future use.


  1. Who may use the church.
    1. The regularly scheduled ministries of Christ Alone Church (CAC) have priority over all other uses of the facility.
    2. Groups that come as invited guests of the congregation of CAC.
    3. Approved Christian Ministries.
    4. CAC church members may reserve church facilities per the approval process.
  2. Who may not use the church.
    1. Partisan political groups.
    2. Groups or individuals operating for commercial gain.
    3. Organizations whose activities are in conflict with the mission and doctrine of CAC.
  3. It is the responsibility of the leaders of the groups requesting the use of our facility to complete the CAC Building Use Request Form as a means of scheduling the facility for the requested time.
  4. The Building Use Request Form must be submitted to the church office as far in advance of the date requested as possible so Session may have time to review and approve the request. Your request is not approved until the form has been submitted and Session has approved it.
  5. The leader(s) of the group are responsible for proper care and use of the facilities and equipment.
  6. There can be no smoking in in the building, no alcoholic beverages, and no non-prescription controlled substances anywhere on church-owned property.
  7. It is the responsibility of all groups using the facility to do their own setup and return the facility to the standard setup after use. This means putting chairs/tables back into position, cleaning up spills, placing garbage in the outside dumpsters, vacuuming carpets if necessary, insuring that all types of equipment used (e.g., TV/DVD player, stove, coffee maker, roasters, dishwasher, faucets) are turned off, insuring that all doors/windows are closed and locked and all lights are turned off when leaving.
  8. The church sound system, video systems, and musical instruments may be operated only by authorized church personnel.
  9. The leader(s) of the group using the facility shall be responsible for reporting and paying for any damage.
  10. Any incorporated group or public school function shall be asked to provide a certificate of insurance (a copy of the declaration page), indicating their liability coverage in case of accident.
  11. For youth activities (involving those under 18 years of age), the leader(s) of the group shall provide appropriate, adequate, and sufficient adult supervision of the group.
  12. Acceptance of a CAC Building Use Request Form will be at the sole discretion of the Session. CAC reserves the right to grant or deny usage of its building to any organization, group or individual, whether member or non-member, dependent on usage intent, failure to abide by CAC policies, or if there are conflicts with normally scheduled ministries or other events previously scheduled.
  13. CAC reserves the right to ask for a donation to cover its costs.

(Session approved May 2018)

Download the Building Use Policy and Form (PDF; please print front to back so it is on one sheet of paper)
Download the Building Use Policy (PDF)

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