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The Session is the church’s governing body.

In the Old Testament, the office of Elder was established for the oversight of the Church. In the New Testament, this office is continued. Those who fill this office today for governing the Church are called Ruling Elders. Chosen by the people of a local church, these Ruling Elders are to watch over the spiritual welfare of that congregation. When appointed to participate in Presbytery or General Assembly, they shall watch over the spiritual welfare and participate diligently in the workings of that portion of the Church to which they are commissioned, recognizing that the Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a connectional church. The Ruling Elder shares authority with the Teaching Elder in all of the courts of the Church, in both rights and duties. It is the first duty of the Ruling Elder to represent the mind of Christ, as that person understands it, in the various courts of the Church. (EPC Book of Government, §9-8)

According to Scripture, those who bear the office of Ruling Elder should be mature believers, led by the Holy Spirit, who exhibit a manner of life that conforms to the biblical description of an officer in Christ’s Church. (EPC Book of Government, §9-9)

The Session currently meets on the second Monday of each month at 10:30 AM.

The Session

Class of 2023

Pete Kurth

Class of 2024

Larry Haworth

Class of 2025

Tim Ferral • Shae Sortwell

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