Malachi 3:6 ESV “For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.

Hebrews 13:8 ESV Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

While we praise God in the fact he does not change, we have to acknowledge a simple truth: we do. Our communities change, as does our culture. Humans in their fallen nature and in coming to greater levels of divine wisdom will change their tune if it seems advantageous.

The same should be true in churches. However, we can get the unchanging word of God mixed up with the varying gifts and talents (and energy) of the congregation. Many churches involve themselves in activities that later become something members think is the undying identity of who the church is. There can be a death grip on these programs to the exclusion of everything else. Folks become resistant to the movement of the Spirit because of their own desires and agendas. My clergy buddies have all noticed these same patterns in the churches they have served.

When leadership at Christ Alone opted to give the forming of the diaconate a try, it was an experiment. The church had never had anything of this nature before. Cath has been my rock in instituting or leading the diaconate for years and years. Christ Alone called and assembled our team, but the truth was, over time, it became apparent these people already had very full plates or had been serving with distinction for years. Adding the additional responsibilities and duties of the diaconate to their dance card pushed them into overload.

And you know what? That is OK!

We prayerfully looked at our situation (listening to the feedback from those serving) and decided to dissolve The Board of Deacons in order to let it transform into something more manageable for those involved. As of this moment, it will be an expansion of what Amy Ward has been doing with the Prayer Fellowship on Tuesdays. The other blessing of this change will be that it will not require “Leadership Training” to participate in. This change will allow any “at large” member to get involved at a level that works for them. So, if you’ve wanted to help in contacting people who are shut-ins, send cards for birthdays, and overall just be some of the glue that joins us together as the body of Christ, talk with Cath and Amy! I am positive we have a place for you to serve our gracious God.

Additionally, the Elders are currently exploring new programs to grow the church and personally go through training on how to evangelize at a basic level to eventually share with you all. We will also be working with the younger families on brainstorming what we as a congregation can offer to our community to draw in other families to our wonderful household of God. There are some cool fellowship activities we are considering in the near future that do not require anyone to be an athlete to participate in too! Remember, we have so much to offer that can glorify our Savior and bring the gospel to those around us.

Lastly, we are going to have a quarterly report from Session about what decisions are being made for the benefit of the church. Just so folks are up to speed on what we are trying to accomplish as the body of Christ and for the advancement of God’s kingdom. Good stuff is on the horizon – stay tuned!

In His extravagant love,