New Adult Bible Study Begins March 21

On March 21, the Adult Bible Study will begin a new study series covering 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, and 1 & 2 Chronicles, which take place after the period of the Judges.

1 & 2 Samuel:

The books of 1-2 Samuel show God’s continued care for his people in providing them with a king and establishing a center of worship for Israel. Through the transfer of power from Samuel to Saul to David, God reveals his providential guidance. This 12-session study points to God’s power, control, patience, salvation, and righteous judgment as he brings about his purposes in surprising and seemingly upside-down ways.

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1 & 2 Kings

The Books of 1-2 Kings describe the period of monarchy in ancient Israel, highlighting a clear contrast between the covenant-keeping God and the covenant-breaking people of Israel. This 12-week study highlights the blessings of God in response to disobedience, pointing toward the Redeemer yet to come.

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1 & 2 Chronicles

The Books of 1-2 Chronicles were written to unify the people of Israel around the true worship of God. After the trauma of exile and facing political opposition in their return to the land, they needed to know that God would prove gracious to those who repent of their sin. Through this 12-week study of 1 & 2 Chronicles, students will discover God’s mercy, compassion, and forgiveness; and his promise to bless his people by dwelling with them forever.

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The Adult Bible Study meets at 9:00 AM each Sunday in Room 11 on the lower level. Please see facilitator Jodi Buntin with any questions.