Generations Hospice Happy Mail

Christ Alone Church is pleased to announce that we are a drop location for letters for Generations Home Care & Hospice. Here is more information and how you can participate:

Thank you for your donation/participation to Generations Happy Mail.  Generations Hospice is a company based out of Fond du Lac, WI.  We service patients in the Northeastern region of WI.  During quarantine and Covid-19, the staff at Generations Hospice noticed a decline in mental health among their patients.  Not every patient has a family to lean on for support when times are tough.  Generations Hospice saw a need for “Happy Mail” and stepped up to the plate.  

As of right now, letters will be anonymous.  Please feel free to share stories, draw pictures, send photos, etc.  There will be a dropbox in the north entrance of Christ Alone Church where you can place your donations.  I will collect the letters twice a month, or as needed, and deliver them to assisted livings and skilled nursing facilities in the Fox Cities and Fond du Lac area. 

~ Kayla Powers, Referral Specialist with Generations Home Care & Hospice Inc. 

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Catharine Cory.