Session Nominations

August is the month for Session Nominations

In the EPC, we believe that a church cannot be spiritually healthy without spiritually healthy leaders.  Such spiritual health can only be born of “an intimate relationship with God which results in Christ-like character and a clear sense of God’s calling for leaders’ lives.” (Leadership Training Guide, p. 177)  As Christians we are all are given spiritual gifts to be used for building the body of Christ.  However, some of us have been uniquely gifted by God for fulfilling a calling to the office of Ruling Elder. “Our task is not to select the best people we have, but rather to elect only those who fit God’s description given to us in Scripture.” (Leadership Training Guide, p. 169)

The Session of Christ Alone Church asks you to join us in prayerfully considering who God is raising up as leaders among us.

Please take a copy of the Session nomination form from the Narthex, or you can download and print a copy here: Letter to Congregation on Leadership, and pray about the leadership at Christ Alone Church.