The Pilgrim’s Progress Questions Chapters 13-18

Chapter 13

  1. Christian encounters two swiftly returning pilgrims at the top of the hill. Timorous is an individual who lacks courage, so it makes sense his retreat is caused by the increasing ___________ahead. Mistrust fails to find security in the path and will not pass the _________along the way.
  2. Christian evaluates his options and reasons it is safer to proceed ahead. To return is to face certain__________. However, to go forward and face danger still offers the hope of_________. To go back down the hill is to run as ___________. When afflicted, the temptation is to _____________ from the narrow way. One must continually compare our previous existence and its end to the eternal glory which lies ahead.
  3. Christian realizes he has lost his roll. This cause him lack of ____________ and ___________. He recollects his condition as a result of his slothful __________. He immediate asks _______ ____________. When he finally finds it, his searching has caused him to ___________ and during this period he __________ sorrowfully. He regrets _________ effort. However, in searching he finds and ___________. What do you think Bunyan is trying to convey in this portion of the story? Once the roll is in his possession, Christian’s condition can be expressed how? (J,R,P,SM) As he again presses forward, he knows he does so in ____________, facing _____________, in order to reach the ___________________.

Chapter 14

  1. Christian advances with a mixture of both _________ and __________ in his heart. The prospect of the Palace Beautiful generates __________. The prospect of the two lions generates ____________.
  2. Watchful, the Palace Beautiful’s porter, encourages Christian to test his ___________. Watch also informs him about the lions’ ____________. These beasts represent a ___________ component to the pilgrim’s journey. Christians moves ahead with ____________ and ___________. He hears the roar of the lions (the opposition), yet is ______________. Making it through, he rejoices in ____________ of __________.
  3. In Bunyan’s day, the lions represented civil despotism and ecclesiastical tyranny (based on his other works). Today, we might look at the lions as ideological and personal tyranny. Ideological would be learning institutions that have departed from their godly heritage. Also, there are sects, philosophy, rationalism, political causes, socialism, secular utopianism, evolution, materialism, humanism, etc, which all oppose our progress. The greatest personal lion we face is our own sin. Examples which retard our progress: wrong priorities, pride, self-sufficiency, intellectualism, carnality, guilt, recreational indulgence, ambition, worldliness, etc.

Chapter 15

  1. Entrance into the Palace Beautiful requires a thorough investigation of the pilgrim. Watchful describes the purpose of the ____________. He also desires a ____________ from Christian. In this, Christian is to describe his __________ and ___________. He will additionally give his name and ___________. Finally, he is to give the reason for his delay. Watchful requires a ___________ opinion from the beautiful damsel _____________. She investigate Christian in ___________ detail, but balances her questions with ___________. What are the names of the other ladies who investigate, approve and welcome him? These examinations represent the careful review of bring people into church membership. How does this contrast often with today’s expectations of new members in many churches?
  2. Prudence, Piety and Charity provide Christian with a fellowship meant to teach him. Piety asks about his pilgrimage. Christian recounts the terror of imminent ___________. Departing from God’s ___________ was a compelling testimony. He recalled how important the direction given by ___________ was for him. Interpreter’s instruction was ______________. What did he recall? His deliverance by a __________ man (before, just a cross) which took away his ___________. His coat is now described as ______________. He desired additional ____________ which indicates true religious affection. He is absolute ashamed for having lost his ________. The encounter with various false ___________ leaves him perplexed. Prudence asks questions meant to prepare him for ___________. Hers are questions of heart experience. Does he remember his former __________? Is he plagued by traces of his former ________? Has he experienced victory over ___________? How were these victories obtained? (By meditation on the ________, his ________, his _______, and on his __________.) What three things make the Celestial City so desirable? (Being face to face with the _________, being _________ from carnal conflict, being rid of __________, thus possessing eternal ________. Charity’s questions about family relationships also prepare him for supper. Why did he not bring his __________? Did you pray to God that your __________ might repent? Did he convey his sorrowful ___________ about their safety? What reasons did your family give you for not ____________ with you? Did his poor example as a pilgrim dampen his testimony? After this he was invited to a rich fellowship supper. This table fellowship reminded them of the ______________ of the Lord of the Hill. The pure _______ they drank also reminded of the ________________. The Lord is described during conversation as a great __________, triumphing over the ___________ and has shed much blood during __________. The Lord is described as pilgrims’ great Savior who ______ and _______ for them. He also experienced ____________ for pilgrims so they may be ___________. Because the Lord is the great protector, Christian _________ in peace, and awakens with ___________.
  3. As Christian receives a tour of the Palace Beautiful and is shown its ancient records, he learns about the Lord of the Hill’s pedigree as the son of the __________________. Thus he is _____________, not made. Plus, he grants _______________ for those in his service. Christian learns about the ___________ acts of the servants of the Lord. The Lord is obviously ___________ toward sinners. Included in the amazing material were _____________ and predictions about the future. The armory contained weapons suitable for ____________. From the Palace’s roof top, one could see the ____________ Mountains and ____________ Land.
  4. As Christian prepares to depart he is equipped at the armory with _______________________. He also desires company, so Watchful tells him about ______________ who is just ahead of him. He knows him, but why did he pass by the Palace?
  5. Descending into the Valley of Humiliation, Christian is encouraged because he is with ________. The path is ___________ and a bit sad since it is a benevolent parting.
  6. The Palace Beautiful encapsulates the biblical church life and fellowship where pilgrims find Apostolic doctrine and teachings, fellowship with true believers, the breaking of bread (and spiritual banqueting), and finally, the prayers of Jesus and the saints.

Chapter 16

  1. Christian encounters Apollyon, whose name means “destroyer.” His terrifying appearance creates _________ in Christian. Apollyon woos Christian with _________ and deceit. He questions our pilgrim about his change in ___________. He claims Christian as his own by ____________ and employment. Christian disagrees stating his employment was _________ and his dominion ended.
  2. Apollyon questions the worth of Christian’s __________. He claims under the King of Princes there was only the likelihood of shameful __________. Under his administration, Christian will supposedly receive ____________. Christian faith is unwavered, his ____________ is firm, his new employment ____________, and his ultimate deliverance shall be ____________.
  3. Christian’s unfaithfulness is described (SD, BML, SHD, RL, VG). Our pilgrim confesses his sin, but claims mercy from his __________ and is repentant.
  4. Apollyon attacks Christian in rage. His blow is aimed at Christian;s chest ,but is deflected by his ________ of faith. Offensively he draws his ___________. Apollyon assaults him with _____________ and causes ______________. Christian retreats because of his growing _____________. Why is admitting our weakness today not popular? His _________ is lost during this time, but __________ intervenes. He deals Apollyon a deadly __________ and the enemy retreats. Christian immediately gives thanks to _________ for his deliverance. He recovers from his wounds by ________ from the _______ of life. His body is then _________, though his _________ remains drawn.

Chapter 17

  1. Christian now advances towards the Valley of the _________________. It is a _____________ wilderness, through which ______ pilgrims must travel. It is more _____________ than the previous ___________.
  2. There he meets two men of dubious parentage who bring his an _______ report. Their description is ____________, and warns of ____________ of darkness, cries of the _________, and discouraging clouds of __________. To the right is a deep _______ and to the left a dangerous __________, thus he is in constant danger of ____________ (especially since he walks in darkness). On the path is the yawning mouth of _______. There he is harassed by hellish fiends with __________ voices. He is intimidated by their ___________, they are intimidated by his cry of _________. He is confused by their _____________ suggestions. He is even tempted to ___________ the Lord. However, a distant voice encourages him, which tells him another ____________ is in the valley. It also tells of God’s ____________ presence, and the near prospect of ___________. Light begins displacing ____________ illuminating the way behind and the way ___________.
  3. Ahead Christian sees two tyrannical giants and evidence of their ___________. Pagan has apparently ________. The Pope is now __________. The Pope acts frustrated and is ___________. Christian can now continue joyfully without _______.

Chapter 18

  1. As Christian continues, he encounters __________ ahead in the distance. Christian desires _____________ and Faithful desires ________. He overtakes faithful __________. As he shares his story with Faithful, there is an underlying feeling of _________ which usually precedes a fall. He is both _________ and _________ in his progress.
  2. Faithful tells his own story on how he left the City of Destruction because of ___________ warning. He witnessed ___________ shameful return. Can you remember some of the reasons he was shamed? _________ propositioned Faithful at the wicket gate. She had previous tested ___________, using flattery. Christian recounts her hidden wages which were a pierced _____________ and a deep _______. Faithful turned from her. Old Adam also attempts to recruit Faithful using ___________, _______________, _______________, and his three ____________. Old Adam is deceitful why? At the shady rest area Faithful is mercilessly attacked by __________ and left for dead. This attacker represents the law who can only assail and condemn. However, Faithful is rescued by our _________. He bypasses the Palace Beautiful most likely because he represents the faithful remnant in the Church off England. Faithful is tempted to defect by ____________, who finds the Valley of Humiliation dishonorable since it detracts from worldly __________ and worldly friendships. Faithful claims honor through ___________. Shame is up next, and his name is in opposition to his profession. He is militantly against biblical Christianity because he thinks it is _______, it restricts modern _________, it is disowned by the ____________, it involves unnecessary poverty and ___________, it requires preaching that _________ the conscience, and it befriends __________. Faithful rebukes him, saying what man highly values, God finds an ____________. He says God’s word and ____________ matter more than humanism. God’s will is best though we __________ it. No blessing awaits those __________ of Christ. Shame withdraws in defeat, and Faithful moves now _________ forward. When Christian recounts his own experiences, his fierce bout with Apollyon made him fear _________, but made him cry out to _______. He spoke of his _________ in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.