Something to ponder and dig your teeth into!

Philippians 4:6 ESV

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Here is a great verse to meditate on as we move into week two of our time indoors. Without our usual worship routine and fellowship during studies, it’s easy to start drifting off in front of the television, or working ourselves up reading articles about the virus. Our time could certainly be better spent.

Hence the need for a spiritual task which refreshes and grows us as disciples of Christ.

If there was a single area in our Christian walk which receives short shrift, for most folks it would be their prayer life. Certainly, when I was child growing up, I cannot remember one occasion in Sunday School or maybe even the pulpit, the basics of prayer were laid out for me. Prayers were often read or done by rote, rather than a biblical cry of the heart. Not to say my memory couldn’t be faulty, but instruction of this subject was seemingly in short supply. We may talk about it in reviewing the Lord’s Prayer, but how is it done, or what could be a helpful primer on the topic?

So glad you asked!

Early in my ministry I was recommended a book during a conference I went to in South Carolina, called The Hidden Life of Prayer, by David McIntyre. Lo and behold it was short, sweet, yet bursting with amazing insight on how to get closer to God through prayer! This little gem tells us what a life of prayer is all about, what we need to accomplish it, how to focus, the intent of it, an absolutely necessary component to it, the nature of our requests, the need for a prayer space, and a clear expectation of God to answer us. How about that?

Thus, I thought it would be profitable for a short study on this impactful book be put on our website. This course comes from a terrific church in Pensacola, the Mt Zion Bible Institute, whose ministry is to offer a myriad of free studies to deepen our faith and make us better equipped Christians. In my mind, they exceed in spades…

So here is the link for you to begin:

Click on the “Study Guide” near the bottom of the page. And don’t worry about your answers, they provide a key should you get stuck. You can even print it out at home.

My hope is that we as the body of Christ will find this subject matter not only personally valuable in getting closer to the Lord, but a wonderful conversation starter as the family of God on our road to praying without ceasing – as Paul definitely encouraged us to do.

In gratitude and thanksgiving,