Cultures In Conflict study

You are invited to join our Adult Sunday School class for a new That the World May Know study, beginning Sunday, September 8.

Cultures In Conflict is the latest volume in the That the World May Know series, led by Bible study teacher Ray Vander Laan.

LIFE AMONG PAGANS. How do you live in a culture where the worldview conflicts with Christianity? Learn from Paul as he presents his beliefs to the most powerful court in Athens and settles among the Greco-Romans of Corinth, who valued wealth and class, worship of multiple gods, and decadent pleasure seeking above all else. In this sixteenth volume of That The World May Know®, discover how to live in your own Athens or Corinth–a dechristianized Western world–in a way that glorifies God.

Sessions include:
• Engaging the Mind: Paul in the Stoa of Athens
• Engaging the Heart: Paul Before the Areopagus
• Turning Weakness into Strength
• The Lord’s Supper: Discerning the Body
• Transforming the Chaos

The culture in Corinth conflicted greatly with the lifestyle that the Apostle Paul proclaimed to those who chose to follow Jesus. In the same way, the church today is called to proclaim the gospel in every environment, showing the world what it looks like when we give our lives to Jesus.

The Adult Sunday School meets in Room 11 on the lower level each Sunday morning beginning at 8:30 a.m. Please contact co-facilitators Jodi Buntin or Caroline Tromble with questions.