Summer Adult Bible Study Begins June 2

An Introduction to Wisdom Literature.  

From Pastor Ted:

For what may be my last opportunity to teach a Bible study, I wanted to consider materials less frequently examined.  With that in mind, I zeroed in on the wisdom literature (of the Old Testament).  The Psalms are commonly studied, the Proverbs might be too diverse for a cohesive/comprehensive study, Job might require an advanced degree in theology/philosophy, and Song of Solomon … well, might be too risqué for an old, conservative individual like me.  Ecclesiastes seems to be just right. 

            Over nine lessons, I’m using two curricula of R.C. Sproul.  On this Sunday, June 2, I’m going to begin a five-part study that I’m titling An Introduction to Wisdom Literature.  This Sunday will truly be an introduction, and the subsequent lessons will examine “Proverbs,” “The Nature of Wisdom,” “The Psalms,” and “Ecclesiastes, Job, and the Song of Solomon.”  (After this 5-part study, I’ll then lead a 4-lesson study of Ecclesiastes.) 

Concerned with the moral decadence and cultural decay of his day, the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates believed that “right knowledge led to proper conduct.”  The ancient Jews, however, believed that wisdom is found in knowing the one, sovereign God, and knowing all that we can possibly know about His character.  To be learned is not enough, nor is it enough to simply say, “I have a personal relationship with Jesus, and that’s all I need.  I don’t need to know the Bible or theology.” A proper respect for God doesn’t allow us to stop there.  Ignorance breeds foolishness, while the knowledge of God is more precious than rubies and pearls.

This Sunday, I want us to consider …

                        – the importance/role of education,

                        – “the fear of the Lord,”

                        – to be satisfied with “knowing Jesus.” 

            I hope you’ll join me at 8:30 a.m., in the Adult Sunday School room (Room 11 on the lower level).